3935 Piece Military Truck Remote Control Set

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This 3935 Truck is one the most advanced, fully equipped military vehicles we have ever seen.

Let's start with the chassis of the truck. You will first notice that it's reinforced to take all the punishment you can throw at. It also has a fully independent suspension and 8 massive shocks,  and some of the biggest off-road tires we have seen.
All this so you can take it almost anywhere without getting stuck. Just in case you push it too far and do get stuck, flip the push bar bumper down to reveal a fully remote control winch.

Now it wouldn't be a humvee without tactical abilities, right? This humvee has a rocket launcher and a rail gun which can all be controlled with the remote control package.
That's right, you can move and shoot using the supplied remote.

The set also comes with a ton of fit and finishes that make it truly unique, such as the spring-loaded opening doors and trunk. A fully detailed engine bay along with working pistons in the motor. Opening hood, wipers, mirrors, and so much more.

Do we mention it's over 20 inches long? That's almost 2 feet in length! You can also order the remote control version, and it becomes something you can play with for years to come. Fully remote control movement, remote control lights, aiming and firing, and more.

This is a must for any military fan, and it's by far the most advanced military model we offer to date.

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  • Spring-loaded opening doors
  • Spring-loaded hood and trunk
  • Extremely detailed engine bay
  • Working pistons in the motor
  • Huge off-road tires
  • Fully locking front and rear differentials
  • Fully independent front and rear suspension
  • 2 large shocks on each wheel
  • Roof-mounted rocket launcher
  • Roof-mounted rail gun
  • Remote Control Package Includes:
  • 1 Medium sized pro motor
  • 1 pro servo motor
  • 3 Large sized pro motors
  • 1 Lithium ion Bluetooth battery pack
  • 1 set of LED lights
  • 1 2.4ghz remote control
  • Fully remote control fwd/back left/right
  • Remote control rocket launcher and rail gun
  • Remote control winch
  • Remote control LED lights
  • Detailed Paper Instructions
  • 52.6cm x 27.2cm x 21.2cm

Please Note:  There are 2 options for this set, the Humvee only and the Humvee with the remote control option.  Please choose the correct one when ordering.

We are no longer allowed to sell this item in our store BUT we still want to help our loyal customers with our wholesaler link.

Please go to our contact page located here. Fill out your info and the model you are looking for and we will send you a link to our source for these kits.

The source was our wholesaler, who is half the price and has the exact shipping and quality.

Just to be clear we are not selling these we are simply passing you along to a wholesaler, we want to help all our loyal customers over the years.

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