Hello and welcome to Theblockarmy.com store.
It all started with one RC model.. Who doesn't love remote controls?
It's amazing how these toys can do so many things at once.

  • They have brought our family together
  • They have changed the mood some of us were in that day.
  • The provide countless hours of family fun and distraction.
  • They allow kids and adults to open their creative minds.

Once you start playing, you can't stop, and it starts you down this journey of wanting another model and another.
The issue with this is well..... price. This is why we as a family started theblockarmy.

Not only did we set out to find and source cheaper models, but we wanted models that the major brands didn't offer. We didn't realize how hard this would be.

It wasn't hard finding aftermarket models. It was hard to find quality ones.
For each and every set on our site, we have tested and made sure they were at the finest quality, both the instructions and models. We stand by each and every one 100%


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